Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fitness and golf

To have fun playing golf youmust work towards a goal of fitness. The final product is not necessary to start playing golf, but to be a success at golf one must strive for some level of fitness. The primary components of golf fitness are strength,endurance, and flexibility. Development in these areas will reduce the risk of injury and allow golf or to perform at their highest level.

A prospective cough or should consult their family physician to make sure there are no disabilities that will limit their ability to play golf. To be flexible stretching as necessary and should be undertaken at least 10 minutes prior to practicing or playing golf. Stretching warms up the golfer will use stiffness and prevent injury. Appropriate areas should be stretched including the neck, shoulders, elbows, upper body or torso, legs, sides, back, calves, and the Achilles tendons. Next a golfer should take full swings with a golf club at less than full speed and no golf ball several times to loosen up all of these muscles at one time.

Weight training should be an integral part of fitness training. The amount of weight should be small with sets of repetition emphasized more than the amount of weight. Some areas if over exerted will become counterproductive for golf fitness. These areas include the biceps and pectoralis muscles and in addition, a golfer should not over exercise with leg extensions or military press. Concentrate on abdominal muscles and both hip abductors and adductors. When exercising the rotator cuff area low amounts of weight are particularly important.

The final component of golf fitness is aerobic conditioning. Aerobic exercise should be done at least 3 times weekly for 20-30 minutes per session. This type of exercise should increase your heart rate, but again, you should consult your family physician to see what level and intensity of aerobic exercise you should pursue. Generally speaking, he should strive towards 85% of her maximal heart rate for your age. Your maximum heart rate for your age is calculated by subtracting your age from 220. You then take 85% of this number. She cannot develop endurance without aerobic exercise.

Golf he is a meant to be fun and full filling. The best chance you have for this to occur is to be fit for golf!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Introduction to Golf

Golf is a game for life. It can be enjoyed by the young and old. In order to get the maximum enjoyment out of golf one must get a good foundation and learn some basic principles for which you will grow and enrich your golfing experience over your lifetime. The results you get with your golf game will probably be reflected in the amount of effort and quality of effort you put into it.

The first thing you should do is to get some comfortable loosefitting athletic clothes. Your shirt, coat, or sweater should be loose and allow good range of motion. Initially, I would wear tennis shoes but if your interest grows you may want to get a pair of golf shoes with soft spikes. You should also have a visor or hat and sunglasses. I would also invest in some sunscreen if you are in the sun for a while. You probably will not need a golf glove,tees, or golf balls until after you have taken several lessons.

You should next look for a driving range or golf course where you can hit golf balls. Also you should look for a licensed PGA professional. This is important because he has met a certain standard of training to give lessons. He has an excellent understanding of golf and he can recognize your strengths and weaknesses in regards to your golf swing, stance, and grip. He also has experience in regards to different shots and strategies about golf. Hopefully, this location will be close to your home or work where you can go hit balls often. Practice in between lessons is important so that you progress in your knowledge of golf.

I will be writing a series of lessons in this blog. These will include grip, stance, swing mechanics, short game, and putting. Although there will not be a separate blog on tempo I will probably emphasize this many times as an important point.

I look forward to writing this series of lessons about golf. It is a source of great passion in my Outdoor Sporting Life.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

this is the title

Is your spare time important? Wellmine is and I want to tell what fillos my passion. I need to relieve tension and relax. I need to forget what is stressful and have fun. So letme tell you about edges sporting life.

I love golf. Itis fun and relaxing. a lot of pressure can be relieved by swinging at a golf ball. Playing golf with someone tells you about there character and if they cheat you do not want to do business with them. If you have a modicom of success you go home satisfied.
I feel at ease fly fishing . Fish don't talk back to you. you have a COMPETITION WITH fISH.